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  • Business Model

What we use

Production, marketing and sales;
Supply chain;
Financial, commercial and administration skills;
Relationships with global suppliers;
Entrepreneurial drive and core values;
30 000m2 manufacturing facility (Power);
Laboratories and blending facilities (Fuel);
Rental fleet (Temporary power);
Warehousing and distribution (rented, properties owned and outsourced logistics);
R500 million trade facility;
Cash resources;
Stakeholder engagement

What we do

Stocking and sale of products produced off-shore (engines, professional wood cutting equipment, oil lubricants, chemicals, plastics, rubber and polymers)

Manufacture and production in South Africa (diesel generators and oil lubricants)

After sales service and maintenance (diesel generators and wood cutting equipment)

Fleet availability for short-term rental (diesel generators)

What we produce and provide

Diesel generators

Industrial engines

Professional woodworking equipment, tooling and edging

Diverse range of plastics, polymers, rubber and specialty chemicals

Skilled after sales service and maintenance of capital equipment

  • What we contribute to the world

Power solutions that keep businesses running; oil lubricants that drive equipment; chemicals that serve as raw materials for manufacture of industrial and consumer products; professional wood cutting equipment that assist in the manufacture of a variety of products made of wood; investment opportunities; job creation; skills development; economic upliftment.


New Way Power manufactures, installs and maintains diesel generators as well as provides temporary power through Genmatics. It distributes of a range of industrial and marine engines and components through PowerO2 which is the sole distributor of John Deere and Mitsubishi industrial engines in South Africa (“Power”).

Austro distributes professional woodworking equipment, tooling, edging and provision of associated services such as blade sharpening and equipment maintenance. It is the sole distributor of Biesse equipment and Leitz tooling in South Africa (“Wood”).


Grow SA market share in line with Toyota aspirations

Increase UK market share:

  • – Bolt on acquisitions of dealers to achieve national coverage
  • – Long term equity partnership with Mitsubishi


  • – Grow contract manufacturing volumes and new power related revenues


  • Build leasing and rental book

9th Floor, Kathryn Towers, 1 Park Lane, Sandton, Tel: +27 11 966 2000, Email: info@enxgroup.co.za